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IronHorse Ventures is embarking on a spirited mission: to develop Destination Distilleries that act as a catalyst for community revitalization.

IronHorse recognizes the need for businesses that reinvigorate and revitalize communities. They understand that beverage companies are a key component to this revitalization movement. Delivering new localized consumer experiences that are key to supporting local economies, employing local staff, and supporting destination tourism.

IronHorse Ventures is not John Hromyk's first destination drinking establishment. Nearly 25 years ago, at a time when the wine industry was in its infancy in Canada and orchards lined the interior of B.C. he saw an opportunity to create a destination winery experience in the Okanagan Valley – Hillside Estates Winery.

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John Hromyk - President IronHorse Ventures

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We are on a spirited mission to develop distilleries that people will travel great distances to explore.


Our vision is to create and produce uncommonly delicious adult beverages.

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Our goal is to build a network of small footprint, local craft distilleries.


Collectively building capacity to serve larger International markets.

Each Distillery will include;

• Distillation and manufacturing facility 

• Malting plant and barrel-aging room

• Sustainable energy technologies

• Tours, tasting room and gift shop  

• Employment /economic opportunities

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